StratPad + Yammer:
Business planning transformed.

StratPad simplifies strategic planning and helps you create and execute your business plan.


With Yammer, StratPad embeds secure, real-time collaboration right inside it. The result? Better conversations, no email clutter, and a more efficient and effective planning process.

★★★★★ The world's highest-rated strategy and business plan app is now the most collaborative.

The benefits of using StratPad and Yammer

StratPad uses Yammer to automatically organize all business planning-related conversations. This saves considerable time and effort compared with using email. And it virtually eliminates email clutter.

Read more about using enterprise social networks to replace email here.

In addition, on-line collaboration is much stronger. Yammer facilitates on-line discussions in a way that email was never intended. It’s easy and intuitive. Linking StratPad reports with Yammer groups creates natural discussions with relevant people.

Spending less time and effort administering the process leaves more time to engage in the actual planning discussions. Thus, stronger collaboration leads to better planning and a higher performing team.

How to get started

1. Compare StratPad editions here.

2. From Apple’s App Store, download the StratPad edition you want onto your iPad.

3. When viewing any StratPad report, tap the “Actions” menu and choose “Yammer This Report”.

4. If it’s the first time, sign in to Yammer. If you don’t yet have a Yammer account (they’re free!), just tap “Sign up to join Yammer”.

5. Select a network, select a group, add a message and tap “Send to Yammer”. (You’ll need to set these up from the Yammer website and then invite your colleagues to join your groups.)

6. You will be alerted inside StratPad when messages are created by your colleagues; tap the Yammer icon on the StratPad report to read and reply to Yammer messages.

To see it in action, click the “See it here” button above.

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