Why do we fall, Sah?

Alfred’s question to Bruce Wayne (and the answer) can serve to take the fear of failure from entrepreneurs (especially when spoken in Michael Caine’s cockney accent).

An entrepreneurial venture is like a science experiment. There are lots of unknowns and there is no guarantee of success. So we expect to fall. And because we expect it, several things occur:

– We prepare to not fall catastrophically. We don’t bet the farm; we hold a little in reserve. We make sure that we can live to fight another day.

– We look forward to learning from our experiences, successful or not. Tried something and it didn’t work? Congratulations – NOW you’re starting to become an entrepreneur. Figure it out and try again.

– We ignore those who don’t understand what we’re doing, those who think falling is embarrassing or worse. Instead, we find comfort in the company of those who get it, those who have tried and fallen and kept going, that bruised, merry band of independent thinkers.

We fall, Alfred, so we can learn how to pick ourselves up. And joyfully carry on.

How about you? Fallen lately? What did you learn?

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  1. Morrigan

    “So we expect to fall… We prepare to not fall catastrophically…”

    Now THAT is the perfect recipe for mediocrity! No wonder you’d never risk betting the farm with that approach. Fantastic advice for entrepreneurs.

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