Our customers LOVE that we make business planning simple.

Simply Brilliant! ★★★★★

I have been looking for the perfect business strategy planning software for a while and tried many. This is simply the best business planning software I have ever used…period! Well done on an awesome app. – YamanchuJK

Good planning tool ★★★★★

Very useful tool to develop a business plan quickly. Particularly easy to overlay effects of new strategies onto a base plan. Also useful to develop a business plan with a client while avoiding too much complexity. – cb1associates

Excelente solución ★★★★★

Una excelente aplicación en español que permite elaborar y gestionar tu plan de negocios y sin tanto esfuerzo. – Antonio el Grande

Great app! ★★★★★

A must use for businesses to develop and implement a business plan / strategy. It makes the process easy with a step-by-step guide. – Chad Verch

Muito Bom! ★★★★★

Aconselho e indico. It’s a very good app! – GLucena

Amazing app ★★★★★

Amazing app, easy, comprehensive. One of the best apps I’ve used recently. – YG London

Invaluable–IF you READ the chapters ★★★★★

$50 for an app that you can use over and over to make your dream a reality AND make a steady income doing it…priceless. READ, READ, READ the chapters! I’ve had this app for close to a year now. When I initially bought the app, I was really excited about my idea and wanted to make it happen as soon as possible. I did start reading through the chapters, but as soon as I had permission to dive right in, guess what I chose. Talk about “Ready, fire, AIM!” I ended up getting overwhelmed because I kept expanding my nonexistent business in my mind to a point that it just didn’t seem realistic and I gave up.

Just yesterday, I decided to reopen StratPad and read through the whole guide. If I had done this a year ago, I’d already be a year further along with my plan, but I didn’t want to “waste” time on the reading. I think I assumed the chapters were mostly about navigating the app. While they DO walk you through the app, most of the information is about how to successfully plan, execute, monitor, and evaluate or reevaluate a new or existing business or strategy. Even if you’re sure you know all there is to know, it doesn’t hurt to read it as a refresher. I guarantee there will be something you hadn’t thought of. This app really helps to focus on and prioritize what is really important in making your plan successful. It is ethics, management, strategy, leadership, and so much more all rolled into one. $50 seems like a lot, but if you’re serious about wanting to take action to create or improve a business, you will definitely get a huge return on your investment. Just stick with it!  – Ghjuydfc

Completo y sencillo ★★★★★

Una app bastante completa y sencilla de entender para que tengas todo un modelo de negocio para tu empresa, ni importa si es pequeña o mediana.  – Buena appipad

VP Operations/Co-Owner ★★★★★

I have been using the program for 2 weeks and have completed 90% of our strategic plan for marketing/sales. I needed help and found a lot of information online, but no simple program that would handle small plans. We have a five-year plan that took months to write, but know we can rewrite the sample plan in a matter of weeks. We can also dissect our plan into smaller pieces and not be overwhelmed. I have already instructed our team to purchase and additional copies for their own iPads. We will also introduce this to the engineering and business students at the local college where we mentor students. We will use this program to teach and mentor our employees on how and why a strategic plan is so important. This program is great for businesses that generate $100,000 or $100 million in sales. Great program!!!!! – jhite.laash

Beyond expectation ★★★★★

Most products have shortfalls. I am extremely happy with this one. Very useful app. – Mamvura2012

Simplicity personified ★★★★★

Easy, straightforward and simple, giving me the results I wanted. – The frog49

Excellent app for a startup ★★★★★

Great prompts to get you to think hard. The guidance at the beginning and navigation while completing my plan was amazing. Great experience indeed. – Drewza69

Excellent ★★★★★

I found this app to be user friendly, clear, concise, informative with lots of useful advice. A brilliant business tool. Thanks Alex, keep up the good work!!! – Shekinah50

Great product ★★★★★

This app is more than just an “app” it is a serious business tool. I have only just started with this tool and am already impressed with it. I have been in business a long time and have seen many attempts at this sort of thing. This delivers great value for money without a doubt. – Tiriet

Business planning on the go ★★★★★

I bought StratPad to allow me to write my business plan while away from the office. I started my plan on a couple of plane trips and started by just diving in. Then I went through the helpful documentation and terminology definitions that are included. Start with the documentation. It is actually pretty quick and helpful. – Tree Gecko

Does what I need ★★★★★

I’m on company number three with this app! Two companies built and sold in one year because of being able to prove the system and organization are there. StratPad is ideal for organizing strategies and putting the big picture down on paper. Both of the buyers commented on the business plan and stated the structure was laid out so nicely that they did not need to read into business where deals can be lost. Thanks—worth every penny in my experience. May not be right for everybody but works for me! – roy.moyer

So helpful, and now easy to customise! ★★★★★

Thank you for adding a .docx export function! This app is now perfect :-). Gives very nice, professional looking charts and reports. Very helpful. – blitz_vv

Great App! Simplified, clear focus on goals ★★★★★

Easy to use application with great tools that help you focus on key goals to achieving outcomes. This product will not get in the way of doing what you need to do. It will keep you focused on the end game in a very busy world. – Michael.au

Awesome app★★★★★

I like the app a lot because it follows a very logical progression and makes my ideas flow well. So far, I have not experience any crashes and it is very easy to use. – TRIPLE100JO

Nice approach to a tough task★★★★★

Way better than a blank business plan template that’s so daunting. Step by step – question by question – you’re guided through the core of what you need to get a new business up and running. – KevHig

Very impressed★★★★★

I am very impressed with the contact from StratPad. When you buy this app, you get encouragement to use it; it’s not just take the money and you’re left to get on with it. The video is simple and easy to understand. A must buy for any business. – Thomson333

Would be a Best In Class app if it wasn’t in a class of its own! ★★★★★

There are many apps available to help compile a business plan and in slogging through the available offerings (and purchasing more than a few), I found that the better ones do help you create a plan by asking an inordinate number of questions to help you focus on what the business’ goals are. The best of these help to focus on why these goals are important and produce a lovely STATIC document for your efforts.

However, what is missing in all of these apps, but which is engrained throughout StratPad, is the guidance to help you to focus on and understand HOW you are going to accomplish these goals. StratPad additionally helps to track your progress. Without execution, the best business plans are nothing more than a (hopefully) impressive looking document. StratPad helps to ensure you actually succeed in accomplishing the goals that the application helped you to understand and define, and does all of this by asking many fewer, but better focused, questions than the other available business planning apps.

While looking into StratPad, I was struck by a funny, very positive review, which had mentioned the one detraction being the number of emails from Alex Glassey. I’m a busy guy, and sometimes make a purchase with the best intentions, but may get sidetracked and not make timely use of a purchase. So when I received the friendly auto-generated welcome email (with easy opt-out instructions), I wasn’t surprised and took a moment to reply with a quick thanks for the reminder to take advantage of my purchase. Within moments I received a reply from Alex and quickly realized that Alex must actually pay attention to all of the MANY ways he provides within the app to reach him (which I believe included email, phone, cell, Skype, smoke signals…) and was suitably impressed that I had found a man and company whose job didn’t end when they had my money. In reviewing the tutorial videos, it became apparent that Alex follows what he teaches, and more importantly, it became obvious that he wants to ensure one’s success in using his product. Having had the opportunity to use StratPad, I can honestly say that I am thoroughly impressed with the product, the company and with Alex himself. This is the least expensive learning/planning/executing/tracking tool I have come across, and I will be making great use of this tool on an ongoing basis (if not daily). Without question, this is one of the best software investments I have made in a very long time. Truly well done! – Blutoof

StratPad for Startup★★★★★

This app has simply been the best app I have used yet. Arm yourself with all the “numbers” and you can seriously have a business plan ready to review in a day. Fantastic! Have not submitted mine for funding yet, but very happy with the ability for this app to cut out the unnecessary points and get down to brass tacks. – Michael Rogers

Great app, simplified, clear focus on goals★★★★★

Easy to use application with great tools to help you focus on key goals to achieving outcomes. This product will not get in the way of doing what you need to do. It will keep you focused on the end game in a very busy world. – Michael.au


This is a very useful product, which I recommend highly. Writing business plans is tedious, so using this product makes the process more interesting. The company also provides excellent support and has been a pleasure to deal with. – MALindsay1973

Fantastic app ★★★★★

I bought this app wondering if it would be value for the money—it’s not cheap! Would it provide expert guidance, would it be simple to use, would it save me time and money? Would I be able to develop a strategy for my business? The answer is a huge YES. Fantastic app, well worth the investment. Great backup and supporting videos help take you through the set up. Over all money very well spent. – Philbrm

Great app! ★★★★★

No need to waste $100 and above on other software! Apart from StratPad’s powerful capability of organizing your thoughts by simply filling blank spaces of easy questions step by step, it is much more worthy as the application uses the Balanced Scorecard principle of strategic planning. If anybody wants to prepare a high quality business plan, this is the application you need. – Alid803

One of the easiest planning tools I have used ★★★★★

As a business person and business academic, this has been the easiest, most logically constructed, and thorough planning tool I have used in the past 18 years. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting an easy to use, yet thorough planning tool to support their business. – Mmilgate

Absolute must have ★★★★★

This should be a standard application for all business, from planning to project management. Correctly implemented, it leaves little room for errors, most of all full control of your business, products, staff responsibility. What more could you ask for ;-) – Shane 1978

Efficiency in Strategic Planning ★★★★★

There are hundreds, if not a multitude, of business planning software out there. Very few of them are intuitive enough to walk the entrepreneur through the idea flow needed to deliver his or her vision succinctly. StratPad achieves this process without turning you into a wonk. I have enjoyed using this software and can only assume that it will get better with additional wrinkles. If your goal is to tell business partners or investors what you are up to and how you will deliver, start preparation here. – Moprezo

From a Yoga/Juice bar owner ★★★★★

StratPad caught my eye! I had looked over dozens of different BPs. StratPad was the most up to date and innovative. StratPad was clear and concise, cost effective and with “to the point” information without boring your investors to tears. An innovative style, StratPad moves away from the old style, 100-page business plan. The graphs, diagrams and charts were great to work with as well when you’re finished with plugging in your numbers. It’s like magic!! It helped me to look at and create a strong foundation through a step-by-step process that helped me understand business planning: 1. Profit clarity, sweet spots and money trackers; 2. The ideal customer; 3. Branding and how to make your brand stand apart from the rest. The support I received was very accessible. I had an issue understanding something and Alex, Julian and the whole StratPad team were very supportive and helpful. Thank you again StratPad! You guys rock! – Melissasujatasmith

Astonishing ★★★★★

I’m astonished by how good this app is. It is thought provoking and immensely logical in its approach to writing a business plan. It won’t quite write the plan for you, and this is how it should be since the plan is yours, but it almost does—with a little thinking on your part. It challenges you to be clear about your objectives, the strategies to achieve them and the main activities to carry out in order to achieve your strategies, and most importantly, the measures to track progress along the way. There are even facilities to show the financial impact of the business plan and, if you choose the options, you can track the measures and KPIs you set, which can then be seen on graphs to see how you’re getting on. Finally, it produces a wonderfully short and tight business plan. – skilos4

A fantastic business tool ★★★★★

StratPad is a fantastic tool for creating meaningful business plans. It really helps you to focus on the essentials when you are evaluating a new business or revisiting an existing business. – p3tcha

Great app! ★★★★★

Love the app guys. This is the most I’ve paid for an iPad/iPhone app and I have absolutely no complaints at all! – Lady Glanville

Great learning tool ★★★★★

I was Googling information on how to put a business plan together. Although I am a big picture thinker, I had never started a business, and am doing it all by myself. I came across StratPad and read through the material, even signing up as a student member. What I learned was like a university crash course on creating strategy and focusing on what you need to know in order to build a clear picture. I’m still using this tool and what it does is not only give me somewhere to keep my thinking, it stimulates my thinking. It’s a process, but I think a worthwhile one. When I first registered as a paid user, I had reason to contact Alex for information and support. He was very responsive and helpful. I feel like he cares and is not just some bot on the end of an app. For this reason, and the pure learning I have gained, I highly recommend this product. – TJZ Aus

Great tool ★★★★★

Easy to use and extremely well thought out. It will force you to think about your business—or business-to-be—in a more disciplined and strategic manner. I’m eager to walk all my clients through the process (I’m working on myself first). – Lean4All

Excellent App! ★★★★★

As a small business owner considering new acquisitions I am always on the lookout for new & better tools to assist with the critical process of assessing and developing business strategy. I have been using StratPad as part of the due diligence process for a couple of potential acquisitions. I find StratPad to be an application that adds value and is quite easy to use and navigate right “out of the box.” In addition the tutorials and videos that are provided with StratPad are very informative and help the user to gain traction right away. Prior to transitioning into the entrepreneurial world, I worked 20 years as a small business lender in a regional bank. I have reviewed a lot of business plans as part of SBA loan packages and I like what StratPad delivers as a tool for strategy planning. – Small Biz Entrepreneur

Great App ★★★★★

This is a great app, as it holds your hands and steps you through the planning process. It pulls together all the components that a strategic planning process requires: strategies + detailed actions + financial information + broad project plan + meeting agenda + board/management reports that can be tailored based on the measurables. – Cleveland Fagan

Great App ★★★★★

I bought this application to help develop a business plan for a new business; however, I was that impressed by the questions that I have started using it to review my existing business, with interesting results. The application has helped me to identify new opportunities in my current business that will in turn help the new business venture. You have to work with the application to understand it, so don’t expect to get results without working. – JeffR44uk

Great App ★★★★★

I am starting up a second business and I was looking for an app or software to help me create a business plan to send to potential providers. After downloading this app, within 24 hours I had a beautifully laid out business plan ready to email out. The amount of information needed to complete the plan is just right. It is by no means overwhelming or saturated with unnecessary requests for unnecessary information. I definitely recommend this app to anyone that wants to write a new business plan or create a strategy in an existing business. This is goal oriented and will help you to create your goals, the process of how to obtain them and measure if you are on track to do so. Great App!!! – Sari48

Ready, Set, Strat!!! ★★★★★

I downloaded Stratpad a couple weeks ago to help get my business plan documented into a professional, presentable format. Little did I know I would be tearing up my old business plan, adjusting my goals, and expanding my entire horizon altogether. This app has forced me to think in new ways, opened my myopic vision up to globally view the possibilities. It has helped me expose weakness, where I believed none existed, as well as drill through the surface of my previous goals, helping me to discover within myself a gold mine of creative ideas to further my plan, broaden my scope, increase my market and improve my chances of a successful venture. I haven’t even finished my plan yet and already I can tell you this is well worth the sum. It is worth exponentially more! At least to me it is, considering how much I already saved from the pitfall I exposed during the process. This is the type of tool that can make the difference to an entrepreneur trying to justify dollars from an investor, a department head trying to attain a budget increase from management, or a sole proprietor searching for an honest decision from the Id/ego. My recommendation: download today! – 2 4 U

Great app for business planning ★★★★★

This is a fantastic little app for personal and for professional use. I found it helped me to better structure the business plan for my startup, as well as acts as an aid in guiding clients in clarifying their businesses. Keep up the good work. – jpham007

Simplifies the process of business planning and makes it fun ★★★★★

This is a great app. It provides a streamlined environment for business planning and a clear framework to make sure you do all you need to. It is also easy to use, comprehensive and faster than a document/spreadsheet approach. The reports are elegant and clear. Highly recommended for small and medium businesses with big plans—would probably help some big businesses too. – fuelthemuse

Incredible! ★★★★★

My favorite app on my iPad, and if you are seeking a business plan app this is it. Awesome customer support, hands down the best. – Whiskered

Dynamic Intelligent Enterprise management tool ★★★★★

The use of the Balanced Scorecard strategy implementation model has now been simplified with StratPad. The template format and “logical stepped” process has enabled the development of comprehensive strategy maps, strategic objectives, KPIs and supporting activities. The ability to design and then monitor the execution of strategy in a visual “StratBoard” graphic format makes the tool totally useable and addictive by managers who demand quick and meaningful performance data. The task of collecting the required input data for this application is minimised so it can be used on a monthly basis. The sharing of reports and outputs is very effective and simply designed as a “plan on a page.” Overall, this is exceptional value for money. The desktop version is eagerly awaited. I am an active and committed user. Congratulations ! – BSC Guru

Fantastic product ★★★★★

StratPad has increased my productivity with a powerful mobile solution to building concise business plans that are easy to share with colleagues. – Charlietraug

Great strategy tool ★★★★★

This is a terrific tool for honing your business strategy. It is worth the investment! – wyatti

I’m impressed… ★★★★★

I’ve only reviewed two of the videos and am already in awe. This business strategy app is extremely well thought out and encompasses a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the area of strategic thinking, planning, implementation, and finance. I can see this working effectively for all business types and for any size company. Middle management in a division could also use it to define, plan, and action goals which ultimately impact a much larger-sized company. As a person in the financial services industry, I have to say I’m impressed. – Mark Burton

Simply the best ★★★★★

This is the best app I have found to plan and organize my business plans. This app is indispensable because it helps you build your strategy in an organized, comprehensive, easy to handle way and with a beautiful view, through a set of tools that help you maintain the correct sequence of the business plan, without forgetting any step, adding value to your work and your time. Moreover, there is a blog with explanatory videos and pdfs showing how the app works, besides some notions of strategy. The support given by the developer is another plus. I recommend it to all who want to turn their ideas into projects. – Moriel

Best business strategy planning iPad app ★★★★★

My business partner looked at a number of different apps for writing a business plan and GlasseyStrategy’s app is the best hands down. We are now very confident in our ability to develop, design, and write a winning business plan with the StratPad for our new upstart. The StratPad application will be a game changer for our small, nimble, and innovative company. We started with the StratPad Free and liked it so much that we ending up buying the Platinum edition…. Kudos to Alex Glassey and his design team for creating such a simple, easy to use and innovative piece of software. – fdattilo

StratPad kicks serious…app! ★★★★★

StratPad kicks serious…app! I learned more about strategy from this app than I did in my entire B.Comm program. It really helped me figure out the difference between a good idea and an idea that I can sell – and how to sell it. Using StratPad, I wrote a business plan that actually got me a small business loan. Ka-ching! It does not get better than that. – rosetat2

Great guide ★★★★★

This app assists you in creating and then seeing the big picture. I highly recommend this to anyone starting a business! – SoCalConcierge

One of the best and most advanced business plan writing tools I have seen ★★★★★

I have used numerous business plan software and have never encountered something that is so complete and advanced. It asks the right questions, challenges your strategic planning and consolidates it in a way that will blow your funders’ minds. Excellent and very well developed. I will recommend it to all startups and business people who want a well-planned strategy. Keep it up!!! – Nevillefs

Excellent product and support ★★★★★

Linking vision with strategy is critical for any organization. StratPad is an effective tool for doing this. I also have been very impressed with product support. In my opinion, StratPad is an excellent tool and worth the investment. – wyatti

Should be compulsory reading before getting a business name! ★★★★★

Business owners never plan to fail…they fail to plan! Well, now there is absolutely no excuse. Alex has made the planning process so simple that if you cannot commit to working through StratPad, then you have no business going into business.I wish this was around 20 years ago, when I first started out!– RayMan1964

Great Tool! ★★★★★

This tool is very user friendly. I have never started a business before, nor do I have a business background. Layout is simple and to the point, easy to navigate. Once I looked up any business terms I was not familiar with, it was smooth sailing! I would recommend it to anyone. – AliMac2003

Very useful ★★★★★

StratPad has been very useful in simplifying the process of linking business strategy to execution. In particular, in driving me to define in a meaningful way the various activities require to achieve strategic objectives. – Zungwane

StratPad Rocks ★★★★★

No matter where you enter the business circle, StratPad takes you forward and backwards like a perfect clockwork gear set. – Yua

Great tool to work with ★★★★★

I use it to create small business plans and it works great for that… Great support from Alex and his team. They are quick to respond to questions and to give support in a satisfying way. – Xrib

Tough but necessary process ★★★★★

StratPad has forced me to really think about my business strategy. It’s painful, but this app saves me from having to ask the tough questions; I only have to answer them. – Samax4

My business depends on this app…and it keeps getting better. ★★★★★

“I cannot tell you how useful this app is. I am starting a new business. The learning in the free app has been essential; wise and practical. I have since upgraded to the next level to print and export my work. An extremely good value. I know I will upgrade to Premium and Patinum as I need to. Do not hesitate to download and use!” – Bobbie1957

Clarify your thinking, save time, develop your strategy. ★★★★★

“As a business practitioner, I’ve been involved in a number of start-ups and have also been invited to invest in others. While sketching out a business model for my next initiative, I stumbled across this app and it appeared to be something that I could possibly use to provide a bit of structure in developing a strategic plan that is meaningful. It has far exceeded my initial expectations and I know that it’s saved me a ton of time. Hopefully others will see the benefit of using this app in charting out their strategic path too. Thanks for putting this ‘out there’!” – David Murphy

StratPad has given me the freedom and tools… ★★★★★

“…I need to create individualized business strategies for each of my clients and specific action steps to implement them. It has been instrumental in making my clients’ vision a reality.” – Carrie Hensley

Super app. ★★★★★

“Loving this app! It’s great for helping me organize my home business. Very good layout with straightforward interface.Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about strategic planning and how to implement ideas to move their business forward and expand.” – Revdoz

Excellente application ! Bravo ! ★★★★★

“Après avoir utiliser une autre application similaire (que je ne nommerais pas) j’étais un peu sceptique et méfiant…Au final, StratPad répond parfaitement aux attentes, pour qui souhaite développer un business plan, un plan stratégique,…etcMalgré quelques Bugs de jeunesse (l’éditeur semble être réactif) StratPad offre une interface utilisateur tout à fait adaptée à l’iPad et couvre l’ensemble des fonctions attendues. Mon conseil: Acheter sans hésitation.”– Atol69

Powerful and concise software. ★★★★★

“StratPad is brilliant. I received immediate help from Glassey, with something I was having trouble understanding. It has sharpened my business plan and my clients. If you love helping people unleash their ideas, get this app.” – Aidio

StratPad – fantastic business planning app. ★★★★★

“Highly recommend this business planning app. Having looked at a few of these types of apps, this is by far the most user friendly one I have used. The in-app training and education is very good, in my opinion, just right. The reports look really professional and are easy to share via PDF. All in all it’s a must have planning tool. When upgraded to include the StratBoard Business Intelligence add on, it creates your monthly KPI’s / Executive team reports in amazing visual scorecards and saves me a lot of time. If you want a business planning tool for the iPad then this is the one.” – Busydirector

Absolutely worth the investment. ★★★★★

“Useful for so many applications. I’m using StratPad to build fast-to-market business cases for a corporate telco.It is structured to provide the background reference material in addition to the actual tools required to build and manage an opportunity. A lot of thought has gone into the interface.I could easily see it being used by start-ups looking to draft VC documents.” – Wayne Trattles

Very useful application! ★★★★★

“We have used this application for what it is meant for, to design a strategy for a small or mid-sized company. Our experience was very positive. It is possible to complete the process in a few days and the app helps to stay focussed and to help with a complete report.” – Ruud Weiss

If you want to grow or start a business, you need this! ★★★★★

“The whole process of using StratPad is very thought-provoking; it asks the difficult questions that need answering to plan the route to successful strategy implementation. I started with StratPad Plus and had no trouble easily justifying the upgrade to premium. The most I’ve ever paid for an app, and the best value by far. This has really helped me to focus on what’s important and the ordering of priorities. It outputs a detailed business plan with annual and month-by-month figures, targets, meetings and actions. It’s a seriously great business growth tool and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It justifies the cost on an iPad on its own. I look forward to the forthcoming additions which I read will soon be available.” – NoPlaceLikeHolme

Love this app ★★★★★

“I love this app! It does exactly what it says it will – makes strategic planning painless and, most importantly, makes it easy to operationalize the company’s plan. Great value for a great app!” – Cordova Cat

Great tool ★★★★★

“Outstanding app – perfect for driving from objectives to actions to plans. Helps a leadership team to focus on what’s really important in a strong visual flow.” – Cnmc55

Complete step by step strategy planning ★★★★★

“I can not recommend this app enough. If you are in the process of reshaping, realigning or creating for the first time, a strategy for you business, StratPad is a professional approach. It will give you a very complete process whereby you will end with a complete strategy plan contained in a document that has all the components for a successful execution.” – Nerd4cast

Easiest app to create a great business strategy ★★★★★

“Great product! Step by step approach is simple but powerful.” – PeopleSolver

Where have you been all my life Startpad? ★★★★★

“Hi all, I’m a CEO managing and overseeing a few projects at a time, and have literally used most planning softwares, one very popular one we all properly know is a knackered old version…and thank god some developed something modern, and most importantly user friendly. I love this for its agile and user friendly control panel, it’s ability to guide me without load of jargon, and to top it off it’s really cheap. That’s no reason to increase the price guys (@stratpad). An award winner no doubt!” – F.adams

If you’re serious about your business buy this app!!! ★★★★★

“I don’t write reviews for a lot of apps, especially if I’ve paid for them, but this app really does deserve a STRONG recommendation. And if I had to describe it in a word I guess that would be OUTSTANDING! Another might be AMAZING!There are other business apps out there, and I’ve looked at most of them, but this one really does provide everything you need to put together an extremely impressive and comprehensive set of reports. And if you’re new to writing business plans or strategy the intro section (really a mini-MBA!) is perfect for helping you get started and really consider your strategy and plans to move forward. It’s not your basic template, producing the same business plans bankers and investors see day in and day out (BPlans.com anyone?), it actually creates a scenario that tells the story about how you plan to get where you’re going! And now with the addition of StratBoard (I recommend StratPad Premium to get the full suite) you can produce killer reports to add to your business plan. On top of all of this you can e-mail or print the reports or you can send to other iPads simply and easily. And the reports really are killer! Oh yeah! Don’t forget, there are sample reports that you can use if you have a bit of “Strategy Block” to help get you started or re-started if you got stuck.So what can I say, awesome, outstanding, excellent value for money, well worth every penny. And like I said, if you’re serious about your business buy this app!” – effrimv

Best value for money so far ★★★★★

“I have purchased hundreds of apps for my iPad but stratPad remains the most robust, engaging, uncomplicated and best value for money so far. Even with so much embedded in the free edition, I am compelled to upgrade to the premium edition without hesitation. I have no reservation in submitting this comment and I applaud your team for a great strategy app.” – etelligence

Supremely helpful and inspiring ★★★★★

“Stratpad is not an entertainment app, nor business advice on a silver platter (though it is generous), nor simply a bare static framework into which one may dump data towards completing a business plan. On the contrary, Stratpad is an engaging and dynamically interactive tool that will require your utmost sincerity and comprehensive due diligence, of both yourself and your company, as you develop the vision, values and viability of your business, both qualitatively and quantitatively. It will lead you towards greater clarity, preparedness and success, if only you will apply the courage, honesty and intelligence it asks of you as the manager of yourself and your venture. Indeed, it is not for the faint of heart, but for those who confront its challenges, greater confidence, profit and satisfaction await. As I write this, I am going through a second Stratpad process because the first one forced me to face facts: I was heading down the wrong business path and at a high rate of speed, no less. Having awakened just in the nick of time, I have pivoted both the model and the product. Where I once was blind, I now can see. My advisors, from all sides, are now applauding my approach and accompanying decisions, instead of doubting them. Moreover, I sleep soundly at night, knowing that I am on the right path and progressing along it with strategic intelligence, instead of hopeful whimsy. With that in mind, I believe that any human, no matter their role in business, would find benefit via the Stratpad process: I feel truly empowered and on solid footing.I am very grateful to Alex and his team for bringing this app to market. I can’t imagine the amount of work that was necessary to create this resource, which they continue to support with keen and inspirational attention. I can’t recommend Stratpad highly enough. I say, with hope for you and your business: JUST STRAT IT.” – tirnanog70

Great App ★★★★★

“This is a fantastic app! None other like it. It is very informative and easy to use. It really helped my team develop a robust and very detailed strategic plan, work plan, and business plan.” – Tyler Johnson

Excellent Support puts this brilliant piece of software over the Top ★★★★★

“Contacted support today, and the principal and developers had me up and running within minutes (without loosing any data). I purchased the Premium version so I could create and work with multiple plans at the same time. This software cuts down on all the time cosuming logistics which would have normally taken me months to develop on my own. The software shepherds you through the brainstorming and planning processes, then provides real time tracking against how you’re doing against your objectives. I had been previously journaling my plan for months in hope of at least having it completed by summer. With StratPad, I had a well thought out growth and marketing plan completed within two short weeks. The automatic meeting notes based on the timeline was a nice touch too. In summary, to walk away with a “self developed” realtime strategy and gameplan gives a small business owner like me clear path to success. Considering the savings vs having to hire a consultant; well deserved kudos for this brilliant (and reasonably priced) piece of software is in order. Great Job! And thanks for great customer service.” – Sam Mea

Awesomeee!!! ★★★★★

“I can’t recommend this app enough. I’ve had sessions with business consultants charging up to $250 per hour and they don’t cover half the stuff in this app. The app cuts through to the essence and gives you templates and questions to guide you in building your businesses strategy. Even has a high level gantt chart n business plan. Absolute bargain! Good job guys looking forward to next versions” – Tedman81

Great product ★★★★★

“Great all-in-one business planning tool. Helped me organize my team’s planning process; produced some very useful reports. Really nice education component that is concise and well-written.” – MacKing89

Essential tool for consultants ★★★★★

“I’m thoroughly infatuated with this tool. I have incorporated it into my existing projects and look forward to expanding my capacity for future work. This app streamlines my behind-the-scenes work to support a client, which means I can spend more face time with my client building that relationship. I look forward to future enhancement releases.” – Directis

Fantastic tool for coffee shop meetings and on the couch planning. ★★★★★

“I used this to map out a rough timeline and revenue map for opening a franchise restaurant. In 20 minutes I had a fully legible roadmap to send out to my partners which we can easily tweak and fine tune over lunch without lugging a laptop around, and everyone will have updated copies in their inboxes before they even get home. I wish I’d had this ages ago!” – BL21

Wow! ★★★★★

“Excellent value for a complete, applied,strategy business planning course in one easy to follow application. Hope we see more from this group.” – The Ultimate SP

Very helpful business app ★★★★★

“Really helps you to clarify and communicate your strategic thinking. Especially useful to entrepreneurs who haven’t been to business school as it really teaches you what a strategic plan should be. By the end of the process you have a focused, neatly formatted executive summary that you can share with partners, potential partners and investors.” – Jiffy2

Business owners….get this ★★★★★

“I have made my fair share of mistakes in strategy and business execution throughout the many businesses I have owned and run. StratPad would have saved me time and money. The “Learn” section is great. The subsequent sections on creating strategy are excellent. I like the Gantt chart functionality. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.If you are a business owner, you should get this app.” – Rayd8.me

Excellent layout and easy to assemble a professional plan ★★★★★

“This is a great find for any entrepreneur or business. Helped me organize my ideas and polish up my business plan – lives up to the description, great resource to have – worth every penny.” – Power.Play

Business owner ★★★★★

“Fantastic app you will not be disappointed. Step by step guide to maximize your business.” – Tirmaillal

Amazing New Business Tool ★★★★★

“As a company who works with businesses on their marketing communication strategies this is a great new tool for helping our clients to first work on their business objectives and planning.” – McAllister Marketing

Excellent! ★★★★★

“Great value. A must for every entrepreneur and manager / CEO. The clarity, simplicity and methodical approach is extremely high standard. A lot of effort has gone into every page. There is not an extra word or any ‘chaff’ that one finds in most management / entrepreneurship guides. It all all clear, simple, precise, very well worded and to the point. Be aware that this is not just a written “guide”, there are also toolkits and tips and a methodology that will improve the focus of any manager who is trying to better understand themselves, what their company is doing (or not doing) and in general move their company or product forward. I have 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and I have not come across a guide or any text on creating business plans etc. that even comes close to the value of this app. It is especially suited for people who are busy and have very little time to go through long books on how to improve their business. To top it all–it is also beautifully laid out and very well adapted to the iPad. Five stars all the way!” – Guy5989

The perfect tool to build your business plan ★★★★★

“This is an indispensable tool for those who are overwhelmed by planning and writing business strategy plans. Good-looking graphics and easy to use, A+++++” – Whippetmama

Excellent application. It is highly recommended. ★★★★★

– Semeonov