StratPad’s free online videos featured on

StratPad’s use of online videos to educate customers was featured today on In her article “8 Ways Online Video Can Improve Your Business,” reporter Jennifer L. Schiff highlights StratPad’s free online video series “Financial Statements Made Easy,” which is scoring hits on StratPad’s web site, YouTube and Udemy. Here’s the excerpt:

Video is a great tool for demonstrating how to use your product or service—and can often convey more information quicker than a photo or a written description, says Alex Glassey, CEO of StratPad, a strategic business planning app for entrepreneurs.

“In a recent survey, our customers said they needed help understanding financial statements,” Glassey says. The company then created a series of short videos entitled “Financial Statements Made Easy,” which explain income statements, balance sheets and statements of cash flow, which are featured on StratPad’s website as well as on YouTube and Udemy.

“We aspire to make business planning simple,” Glassey says. “The videos reinforce that message and have become another funnel for attracting new customers.”