StratPad’s business planning app changes how users do business


StratPad is a change agent for the entrepreneurs and consultants who use the strategy and business planning app. In a recent customer survey:

  • 54% said StratPad helped them think differently about their business
  • 33% said StratPad helped them change their business model or business strategy
  • 22% said StratPad helped them change how they manage their business.

The April 2013 survey polled users on StratPad features and invited feedback on potential new products and services.

“We were thrilled at how many customers responded to our survey and very grateful for the information they shared,” said StratPad founder and CEO Alex Glassey. “We learned a lot about how StratPad helps customers with their business and where we can do more to meet their needs.”

StratPad is the highest-rated strategy and business planning app in the iPad App Store. User ratings and reviews are posted in the App Store and on the StratPad web site.

Congratulations to winners of StratPad’s survey draw

StratPad users who completed our April 2013 customer survey were entered into a draw for 10 prizes of $100. Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey and congratulations to prize winners Brian Dumas, Oscar Harding, Thomas Jackson, Tony Madden, Luke Mansfield, Hamish Rathgen, Andre Almeida Reggiani, Ian Watson and Shakila Williams.

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  1. Greg

    StratPad will make a great advance forward if they had a kaizen feature.

    This feature would include :
    defining the problem
    stating the current situation
    define the standard
    identifying the discrepancies
    action plan
    man materials Methods and machines
    Implement action plan into Gantt chart.

    This would greatly And streamline the problem-solving process.

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