StratPad featured in Canada’s 1000 Startups

StratPad is one of the first 25 startups profiled on Startup Canada’s new 1000 Startups website, which launched its beta version today. casts the spotlight on Canadian entrepreneurs, featuring information and links to their products and services, accomplishments and challenges. Entrepreneurs also get a chance to ask for what they need from the community.

StratPad founder Alex Glassey hopes his profile on will attract entrepreneurs and organizations interested in partnering with StratPad on marketing. “We’re looking for relationships with partners who can help us with customer acquisition” said Glassey. “We’re launching a browser version of StratPad in Fall 2013, which is built to scale rapidly. We welcome customer acquisition partners such as affiliates and business-to-business channels. We’d also love to hear from entrepreneurs, accelerators and coaches who want to host or facilitate our strategic business planning workshops in their communities.” will be adding 25 more profiles every week until it reaches 1000. Canadian startups are encouraged to apply. For further information, contact Allison Smith, 1000 Startups Project Lead, at