Stratpad Enterprise

StratPad Enterprise delivers standardized planning software and education across your organization via “the cloud”. It is tailored to your specifications and then quickly deployed on a secure, robust, scalable, global platform.

Larger organizations may wish to consider StratPad Enterprise. These are firms such as consultants, accountants and mentoring professionals, organizations with many departments, and associations.

StratPad Enterprise provides:

• A rigorous methodology that incorporates time-proven concepts such as Balanced Scorecard.
• An approach that integrates strategy, planning and execution.
• On-demand video courses that teach business, accounting and planning basics.
• Flexible and easy-to-use business intelligence.
• Built-in end-user support.

StratPad Enterprise offers these tailoring options:

• White labeling including branded sign up and sign in.
• Centralized administration and flexible payment options.
• Bespoke outcomes reports by geography, industry, size, objectives, etc.
• Restricted views.
• Customized reports.
• Custom content delivery.
• Data integration with corporate systems.

StratPad Enterprise provides all this on a proven technology platform that can be quickly deployed and that has:

• High performance
• High availability (up-time)
• High scalability
• High security

Here are four examples that use StratPad Enterprise:

1. A national professional services firm wishes to centralize administration and payment, share branded, leading-edge software with their clients, assess client and staff performance, and deliver unique branded content instantly across the country.

2. A national mentoring organization wishes to augment the planning and followup service it offers to its clients. StratPad Enterprise brings together the appropriate mentors, regardless of geography, who then collaborate on-line with the client and each other. StratPad Enterprise helps standardize the organization’s offerings and approach and increases service quality and client satisfaction. Head office is able to assess effectiveness at every level with real-time reporting.

3. An international company standardizes its departmental planning, centralizes its administration, integrates planning data with its central systems, and monitors on-going progress towards departmental goals and objectives.

4. A national association with thousands of small business members wishes to provide general business education, industry-specific busines education, and customized business planning templates to its members.

To learn more about StratPad Enterprise please contact Alex Glassey by telephone at +1.209.813.2515.