Create your full business plan as a Word document…

…with a single click.

StratPad brings all of your hard work together in a single, professional-looking Word document that’s perfect for bankers, lenders and investors.

The Word document starts with a title page, has a full table of contents, and incorporates all required financial and project reports as appendices.

The Word format makes it easy for you to “tune-up” the format to your liking.

Turn your business plan into a Word document:

– click on “View & Print Your Plan” in the menu on the left-side
– click on “Business Plan”
– click the button that says, “Download Your Full Business Plan in DocX Format”

StratPad will pause for a few seconds to build the Word document. It will be placed into your browser’s “Downloads” folder. Click (or double-click) on the document and it should open in Word.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.41.57 AM