Business Planning Workshops

Your business plan, from A to Z to $

Successful business owners do three things very well:

1. They think clearly and critically about their business.
2. They communicate their thoughts with a written business plan.
3. They understand and manage their cash flow.

In this 7 hour workshop you will:

• Think strategically about your business.
• Actually write your business plan from scratch using a simple yet rigorous approach.
• Create a complete set of cash flow projections.


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In this workshop you’ll look at your business in a fresh new way while you create your business plan:

9:00 An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Thinking Strategically
9:45 The Ice Cream Game™: Help this small business succeed!
10:30 Break
10:45 An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Planning Strategically
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Telling Your Story: The Narrative
1:00 Telling Your Story: The Numbers
2:30 Completing Your Business Plan
3:30 A Little About Leadership
4:00 Questions, Wrap, End

This is an interactive workshop that’s perfect for up to 20 participants. It’s priced at US$99 per person, which includes a free subscription to StratPad Cloud. You are welcome to bring your laptop and use StratPad to create your business plan.

People love this workshop which has an astounding +83 net promoter score.
Wikipedia says, “A net promoter score higher than zero is felt to be good, and an NPS of +50 is excellent.”

Alex GlasseyYour instructor

Alex Glassey is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. A dynamic and compelling speaker, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his own proven track record as a serial entrepreneur and business advisor. Alex has delivered numerous workshops and presentations and is an adjunct professor in the business school at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. Read more about Alex here.

What Participants Said About This Workshop

SO AMAZING! EXTREMELY informative and easy to understand. 10/10
Paige Sierra, Taste Makers

[I liked] the simplified language for accounting, which made it less intimidating than expected. 10/10
Amy Gaulin, Ultimate Foam Creations

What I liked most is I came out feeling stronger about understanding the absolute necessity of doing a business plan – and of updating it regularly. 10/10
Susan Toby, Insideout Homestore

Great job. Very entertaining, informative and a great amount of participation. 10/10
James Paquin, Ultimate Foam Creations

Phenomenally useful information, presented expertly. It has provided a lot of clarity on the path forward. 10/10
Kevin Savage, Red Hot Swing

I thought it would be harder than it was. I think Alex made it easy to do a neat business plan. 10/10
Sheila Keighron, Trinity Collections

Thank you for taking the fear out of financial statements. 10/10
Anonymous Participant

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