Celebrating Small Business

We’re honouring entrepreneurs everywhere with this series of short videos. In each short clip (average length of 76 seconds), StratPad CEO Alex Glassey shares tips and insights on strategy and business planning for small business.

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You’ve got an idea for a business – now what?

Don’t compete. Be unique.

What makes your business unique?

Do you need a strategy?

Strategy is about making choices

Do you need a business plan?

Business model vs business plan

How long should your business plan be?

How to get your business plan done

#1 reason loan applications are denied

Does an entrepreneur have to be a risk taker?

Putting your plan into action

How to get your team onside with your plan

Metrics that make sense

How to increase your bottom line

Cut expenses or grow gross profit?

Make your plan a living plan

Fail fast and frequently

You are the heart of your business