Certified StratPad Coach – Level 2

business coach certificationWorkshop Leader



  • Recognized by StratPad as a local expert with whom to jointly market workshops and other events
  • Generate revenue from workshop fees
  • Strengthen existing client relationships
  • Attract new clients by marketing the workshop
  • Use of Level 2 certification seal for promotional purposes (online and print versions provided)
  • High quality golf shirt with Level 2 certification seal
  • Priority listing in StratPad Connect (Spring, 2015)

Requirements and Costs

  1. Have a current StratPad Unlimited account
  2. Complete Level 1 certification
  3. Host one local StratPad Business Planning Workshop which will be delivered by a Level 3 Instructor with you in attendance
  4. Complete a 1-hour workshop review with a Level 3 Instructor (typically on the day of the workshop)
  5. Pay a one-time fee of US$2,500 (all or most of this will be recovered by revenues from the workshop)
  6. Going forward, achieve a minimum net promoter score of +40 for each workshop delivered
  7. Each workshop attendee must purchase the StratPad workbook online for use in the workshop