Certified StratPad Coach – Level 1

business coach certificationBusiness Planning and Financial Forecasting Expert


  • Demonstrated mastery of StratPad Cloud to prepare strategic plans, business plans and financial forecasts.
  • Ability to use StratPad Cloud to quickly create and adjust what-if scenarios.
  • Detailed knowledge of every report and chart and integration



  • Recognized by StratPad as a local expert to whom we can direct interested potential clients
  • Use of Level 1 certification seal for promotional purposes (online and print versions provided)
  • Priority listing in StratPad Connect
  • Access to our workshop marketing package

Requirements and Costs

  1. Sign up as a Certified StratPad Coach ($39.95/month, no required commitment)
  2. Complete the “Certified StratPad Coach Level 1” video course (Free with your subscription)
  3. Prepare a complete business plan with StratPad Cloud and share it with a StratPad reviewer