Certified StratPad Coach

Certified StratPad Coach – Overview

StratPad has a growing number of customers (over 100,000 in over 100 countries) many of whom are looking for business planning and advisory services. Our Certified StratPad Coach program helps us refer them to appropriate professional services with the obvious benefit of helping you grow your advisory business.

StratPad’s three-level certification supports professionals who provide strategy, business planning and financial forecasting services to their external or internal clients. This is for consultants, coaches, mentors, educators and accountants.

Each level enhances the professional’s expertise and creates additional business opportunities and value:

  • Level 1: Business Planning and Financial Forecasting Expert
  • Level 2: Workshop Leader
  • Level 3: Regional Director

StratPad certification visibly differentiates the professional and his/her firm.

In addition, certification identifies individuals and firms with whom StratPad will wish to partner.

For more information on each level, click one of these badges or email us.

CoachingBadge_Level1 CoachingBadge_Level2 CoachingBadge_Level3