Business Planning Workbook

How to quickly create an effective business plan including detailed financial projections

Are you more comfortable thinking with a pen in your hand rather than a keyboard? Then why not use our handbook?

Workshop Workbook 20150603-final2“Business Planning from A to Z to $” has a very short, easy-to-read primer on business planning. It then asks you the same questions that StratPad uses. It’s a great way to think creatively about your business and get your thoughts in order.

When you’re ready to prepare your business plan, take a few minutes and transfer your notes into StratPad. It will instantly create your business plan and all the reports you need to grow and manage your business.

If you’re an educator: this is a great way to get your students on the same page.

If you’re an accountant or consultant or mentor: get your clients thinking about their business fundamentals before you meet with them.

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