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Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Read our strategy tutorial and be introduced to key concepts and definitions. Use it as a guide when discussing your strategy with your team.

Small Business Toolkit

Learn what tools to use to provide additional insights into your business. Identify and prioritize options before sharing with your management team to help foster an understanding for common ground.

Understanding Financial Statements

Watch 12-short videos for entrepreneurs who need a basic understanding of financial statements and who don’t have a lot of time. These short videos cover important topics on financials:
  • income statement
  • balance sheet
  • statement of cash flows
  • how all 3 are connected

Small Business Coach Frequently Asked Questions

Find fast answers to 19 business coach frequently asked questions, including:
  • “You’ve got an idea for a business – now what?”
  • “What makes your business unique?”
  • “Do I need a business plan?” (Hint: YES!)

Financial Basics for the Savvy Startup

Watch short videos that introduce the basics of accounting that EVERY business owner MUST know. Things like:
  • What are the basics of creating an invoice?
  • How do I keep track of outstanding invoices?
  • What do I do when a customer pays me?
  • How can I remember to pay my bills on time?
  • How do all these things come together to create financial statements?

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