StratPad Cloud is here!

After more than a year of effort we are incredibly pleased to announce that StratPad Cloud is ready for action! You can sign up anytime for a 7-day free trial by clicking here.

In this post we’ve got an overview of StratPad Cloud followed by some frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

Watch this 3-minute video…

…to get a fast overview of StratPad Cloud. Click on this graphic:







StratPad Cloud is based on our award-winning iPad app so it has all of the iPad app’s functionality: it helps you think through your business, quickly create a business plan, and then it helps you manage your way to success.

But wait – there’s more! One big difference is that StratPad Cloud runs on virtually any device with a modern browser. So you can run it on your desktop, your laptop, your Chromebook and your tablet. Because it’s in the cloud all of your work follows you from device to device instantly and automatically.

And new in StratPad Cloud: it produces a complete set of financial projections including the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows. Instantly and without you having to do anything. This is serious magic!

You can now create a complete set of financial projections in under 2 minutes. This short video proves it.

And you can try out a series of what-if scenarios and assumptions as you go through your planning. Watch this video: it’s exciting stuff!

StratPad Cloud also has more help, more videos and more advice in a new section called StratPad U that’s designed for business owners.

In short, we’ve taken the power of StratPad/iPad, added the important stuff that our customers requested, and delivered it on just about any device in the world.

We hope you love it. Try it free by signing up now.

Here are some questions we’ve heard recently. And some answers.

1. I’ve got the StratPad iPad app. Will it continue working? Do I have to pay more to continue using it?

The iPad version of StratPad will continue to work. You do NOT have to pay anything more to continue using it. It will NOT disappear from your iPad. We hope it gives you many more years of use!

StratPad Cloud is a completely different product and the pricing and use of the two products is not related.

2. Can I move StratFiles back-and-forth between StratPad/iPad and StratPad Cloud?

Of course! And here’s a very cool thing: if you move your StratFile from the iPad to the Cloud, your StratFile instantly gets a complete set of financial projections. Here’s how to move back and forth:

Move a StratFile from the iPad to the Cloud.

Move a StratFile from the Cloud to the iPad.

3. Why did you move to subscription pricing?

We thought long and hard about our pricing model for StratPad Cloud. We chose subscription pricing for three primary reasons:

First, we firmly believe that successful businesses need owners/managers who constantly think about their business, frequently review their business’s performance, and regularly update their business plan.

Second, we believe that our customers want a long-term relationship with us. They want us to continue to deliver the best thinking, the best education and the best technology to help them understand and manage their business. They also want us to be there when they need us to support them. This is not a one-time “get a plan and go” relationship.

Third, is there a better way to keep us on our toes than by connecting our future revenues to our customers’ satisfaction? Everyone on our team knows that our success is tightly linked to your success. I think that’s how it should be, don’t you?

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  1. Mike Rynn

    It’s too bad the two products are not integrated. i need a solution that’s fully integrated and available offline on a mobile device such as iPad. Your solution to move back and forth between your cloud version and iPad app is not one which works for me at this time. Let me know if, or when, you’ll be integrating the two and have the iPad app be an extension of your cloud solution.

    Mike R

    1. aglassey

      Thanks for your note, Mike.

      I’m curious: why not just use our iPad version all the time?

      And, yes, we will be improving the integration of the two platforms in the coming weeks. That said, they are very different technologies and they are used quite differently by our customers.

      More soon,


  2. Geoff Bruce

    I have your ipad and have done some business planning with it. Good stuff. But I also have Microsoft and use excel more or less daily. I have icloud. Why don’t I just use my icloud to store my ipad files there. Aren’t you reinventing the wheel some?

    1. aglassey

      Hi Geoff,
      StratPad Cloud isn’t just about storing StratFiles somewhere. It’s fundamentally different in at least 2 ways:

      1• It automatically creates a complete set of integrated financial statements. You can also assess different scenarios very easily (i.e. what is the affect on my cash flow if I grow sales by 10% a month? How much of a loan do I need in order to afford that new piece of equipment?) It is so easy to do this in StratPad Cloud that you’ll find yourself using your spreadsheets much less.

      2• Having a StratFile in a cloud allows you to collaborate in real-time. You can meet with a client, start the planning process with them, and then they can continue working on the same StratFile from their office (or home). Then, once they’re implenting their plan, they can share their progress with you in StratBoard.

      Not reinventing the wheel by any means. I think we’ve created something that is much different and incredibly useful.

      I hope you give it a try. BTW, did you the 35% off coupon that I sent out this morning? It’s good until Feb 28, 2014. Here it is: LastFebruaryCoupon

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