StratPad Cloud “beta” is here

We’re ready to roll out the “beta” version of StratPad Cloud and registered StratPad/iPad users are invited to use it FREE until January 31!
Here’s what you need to know about StratPad Cloud and how to get it:

What is StratPad Cloud?
StratPad Cloud runs completely in a browser without you having to download or install anything. If you’ve ever booked a flight online or checked your bank balance online, then you’ve used “cloud” software.

What’s so great about the cloud?
Cloud software has several advantages over a software program that is installed on a single device:
• You can run the software securely from any device that has a browser and an Internet connection.
• Your data is automatically saved and backed up so you’ll never lose it.
• You can share your work in real-time. Imagine you and your partner/accountant/advisor both working on the same business plan at the same time from two different locations.
• Software updates occur automatically and instantly without any action by you. In fact, cloud products are typically updated much more frequently than traditional software.

What’s a beta version?
In software lingo, a product that is in the “beta” stage has lots of functionality and has been tested thoroughly BUT it will be missing some things, and it may be rough in places and need a bit of polishing.

Why release a beta version?
We want to work as closely as possible with you to make StratPad the best it can be. Sharing StratPad Cloud with you at this stage let’s us incorporate your feedback into the final release.
What’s new in StratPad Cloud?
StratPad Cloud contains video lessons on several topics that will help you think through your business strategy and prepare your business plan. They are available now in the “Business School” section (bottom item in the Nav Bar). Please let us know what you think and tell us if there are other videos or lessons we should add.

In addition, we’ve got a long list of additional features that we’ll be adding as fast as we can. The big ones are:
Multi-user access. You’ll be able to share your StratFile with others so they can view and edit it at the same time as you.
Integrated financial statements. StratPad Cloud will automatically create your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cashflows in both a summary and month-by-month format.
What’s missing right now in the beta version?
StratPad Cloud contains most of the functionality of the iPad version. You can create new StratFiles, edit them, view all reports on the screen, and email the reports as PDF files. Also, you can send any StratFiles you have on your iPad to StratPad Cloud and back.
Items that aren’t there yet but are coming: StratBoard, StratCard, Word and Excel exports, and the Spanish translations.

What browsers can I use for StratPad Cloud?
We officially support the following browsers:
• Mac – Safari 6+, FireFox, Chrome
• PC/Windows – Internet Explorer 10+, FireFox, Chrome
In addition, StratPad Cloud will work on other browsers so go ahead and try them. You may see some unexpected or “goofy” things on the screen.

You’ll also find that some devices are less practical for some things. For example, while you can run StratPad Cloud on an iPhone, it’s tough to do any serious typing. However, you can instantly view a report and email that report as a PDF which is kind of cool.

How can I keep up to date on things?
We’ll post the details on what’s happening with StratPad Cloud here:

Or click on “Beta News” at the top of our website (

The most important question of all: How can I get access to StratPad Cloud?
Every registered StratPad user will get a personalized email invitation starting on November 14. We are going to stagger these emails through the following 10 days so we can carefully monitor and adjust our server loads to ensure the best possible experience for you.

Can other people get access to StratPad Cloud?
For the next month or so, StratPad Cloud will be available EXCLUSIVELY to registered StratPad/iPad users. However, in December we’ll extend an invitation to anybody who signs up here:
Please share this link with friends and colleagues so they can try StratPad Cloud too.

We are extraordinarily excited to share StratPad Cloud with you and we want to hear from you!

Julian, Sam, Victor, Manuela, Lewis and Alex