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What is StratPad?

StratPad-CloudStratPad is cloud-based business planning software. It runs in the browser of virtually any laptop or desktop.

StratPad faithfully follows the Balanced Scorecard approach:

- an overall “Strategy Statement” gives focus to the overall organization
- “Projects” logically group objectives and activities that support the Strategy Statement
– each objective can have one or more “measures” (or metrics or key performance indicators [KPIs]) each with its own target value and target date
- each project’s objectives are divided among four key “Perspectives”

By the time you’re done you’ll have a full business plan, ready to take to a banker, an investor or to help keep your team (or clients) on track.

Work together everywhere

Share your plan with partners and co-workers who use StratPad and get everyone onboard. StratPad works on desktops, laptops and tablets. The perfect planning tool when you’re busy and on the go. Each section has how-to videos and tutorials, and we’re never further than a phone call away.


* StratPad runs on PCs (FireFox, Chrome, IE10+), Macs (Safari, Chrome, FireFox), iPad and mini (an app)

Pricing Plans

Choose now for one low annual price.

Or try StratPad free for 7 days and choose a plan when your trial ends.

StratPad for iOS is also available in the App Store.

All pricing plans include
  • unlimited data storage
  • SSL data encryption (the same as online banks)
  • regular free updates
  • anytime, anywhere access
  • iPad app
  • secure data protection
  • no software installation
  • all reports
  • built in charts for results tracking
  • print, email, export of reports and charts
  • instructional videos
  • unlimited support

Loved by entrepreneurs in 127 countries

StratPad customers

Within 24 hours I had a beautifully laid out business plan.
StratPad gave us the confidence that we could write a winning business plan.
Gave a small business owner like me a clear path to success.
All in all, it’s a must-have planning tool.
Way better than a blank business plan template that’s so daunting.
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