Monitoring progress is key to success

“There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.”

You’ve hatched a great idea, created a beautiful strategic business plan and assembled a fantastic team. Now all you have to do is execute. How tough can it be? 🙂

Experienced business people will tell you that execution is the hardest part of business success. How to make it easier? Two steps:

1. Ensure that your plan has appropriate metrics and targets that align with your overall strategy, and

2. Monitor your progress regularly.

Still no guarantees but you’ve considerably improved your chances of success.

StratPad helps you monitor your progress in two ways. The first is the Agenda report that lists each progress meeting you’ll need to have along with the detailed agenda of each meeting.

The second way is StratBoard. With StratBoard, you record and graph the actual values of any of your metrics. StratBoard is an add-in to StratPad Plus and StratPad Premium. It will be available in a couple of weeks.

Here’s a 2 minute video that gives you a sneak preview:

Click to see video (2:28)







StratBoard looks gorgeous on the iPad and it looks gorgeous on paper.

Remember, to increase your chances of success, regularly monitor your progress on your strategic business plan and share your progress with your team.

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  1. Marc

    Hi, I am wondering when the new Stratboard add on will be released?

    1. aglassey

      Hi Marc,
      Thanks for your interest in StratBoard! We are feverishly working away on the final “buff and polish”. We’ll push it up to the App Store as soon as this is done. Within days.
      Sound good?

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