Our manifesto: It’s not about business plans…

I was asked this morning by a senior executive of a large coaching organization, “Why should we choose StratPad to create business plans?”

Good question. The simple answer is, “It’s not about creating business plans.”

StratPad starts with a simple premise: garbage in equals garbage out. The best way to improve a business or improve the chances of raising money is to improve how the owner/manager thinks about their business. They need to understand business fundamentals including a bit of strategy and a bit of financials. That’s where we start: we provide some teaching and insight.

We then follow it up with an approach that walks the person through the process and places the emphasis on their thinking NOT the creation of the business plan. Creating the business plan is our job.

We also believe that the plan is just the start. To be truly successful, the plan must be communicated and managed well. So we create operational reports that encourage the business owner/manager to adopt the discipline that a successful business needs.

We also believe that measuring and tracking progress is key to success. These charting/graphing capabilities are woven into StratPad.

Finally, we believe that owners/managers of small business NEED good coaching and support. And so StratPad Cloud will soon support online collaboration. But further than that, we have workbooks and workshop curriculum designed for mentors/coaches/counsellors so that they can provide a consistent, proven approach that just happens to be well-supported by our product.

In short, our goal isn’t to create business plans. Our goal is to create successful businesses that strengthen our communities.

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  1. George Petrenas

    I’m new to your program and my first in use application will be this weekend. My first impressions however are very positive.

    1. aglassey

      Welcome, George. I trust you won’t spend ALL weekend on it… 🙂

      We look forward to hearing about your experience.

      All the best,


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