Create your business plan quickly and easily on your iPad.

★★★★★ StratPad is the highest-rated strategy and business planning app in the world.


Strategy + iPad = StratPad

Unleash the full potential of your remarkable company. Create your business plan on your iPad for about the price of lunch.

StratPad is a complete, all-in-one management tool:
• learn business planning secrets
• create your business plan
• share it with management and staff
• monitor everyone’s progress.

Get focused, get aligned, get going.

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Learn business planning secrets with the tip of your finger.

StratPad uses EntrepreneurialStrategy™ to make business planning simple, practical and useful. Start by dipping into the tutorial and toolkit. Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to apply.

Your company is smart and nimble and has great ideas. Add in some strategic business planning and your competition won’t know what hit them.

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Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Done.

Follow the template and tell your story. StratPad keeps you organized and reminds you what’s important.

- Opportunities and solutions? Check.
- Customers? Check.
- Expansion options? Check.
- Financial projections? Check.

Competitors? Checkmate.

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Share. Align. Succeed.

Business plans work best when shared. And StratPad makes sharing easy with gorgeous reports that are instantly created. They can be viewed on screen with a single touch, emailed as high-resolution PDFs, printed right from your iPad, or exported as comma-separated-value (CSV) files. You can also use Yammer to discuss and share reports with your team.

Share your Strategy Map with the entire team. Keep your CFO happy with financial projections. Operations people will love the Gantt, project plan and agendas. Your investors and bankers will love the two-page business plan. And you? You’ll love seeing your team work together to achieve a shared goal.

Get the most powerful management tool ever designed for a mobile device – and learn how simple business planning can be.

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