Hug an Entrepreneur This Week

It’s Small Business Week in Canada!!*

I was looking for some inspiration at my local bookstore this weekend and found these two books side-by-side.

They define entrepreneurship beautifully, don’t you think? They contrast the idealism of entrepreneurs (Anything is possible) with the hard reality (A goal without a plan is just a wish).

They remind me how heroic the whole entrepreneurship gig is. Hometown kid sets out to slay the dragon and bring home the treasure with nothing but wits, a tattered cloak and a borrowed eggbeater. Sound familiar?

Not only does it sound familiar but it’s amazing how often the kid actually succeeds!

We’ve all heard that entrepreneurs are responsible for the vast majority of new employment and innovation. And it’s true. Our societies stand on the shoulders of these hard-working friends and neighbours.

So take a minute right now and think about an entrepreneur you know. And then give them a hug or a call or a text and let them know how wonderful they are.

Because without them we’d be overrun with dragons and we wouldn’t have much treasure.

* We Canadians are generous people: feel free to celebrate our Small Business Week wherever you happen to be. Hug an Entrepreneur – and share this post so we get as many entrepreneurs hugged as possible!


First published October 21, 2014