How to copy a StratFile from iPad to Cloud

You can copy a StratFile from your iPad app to StratPad Cloud, work on it there, and then copy it back to your iPad.

You must have StratPad Premium or Platinum to do this. If you have StratPad Free or Plus, upgrade using the Extras button inside StratPad/iPad.

These instructions assume that you have already signed up to StratPad Cloud.

How to copy a StratFile from the StratPad iPad app to StratPad Cloud

1. From inside StratPad/iPad select the StratFile you want to copy to StratPad Cloud (tap the StratFiles button at the top left corner).

2. Tap the Actions button (curved arrow at the top right of the screen).

3. Select “Send by Email | StratFile. Send this StratFile to another iPad.”

4. Your email window will pop up. Enter an email address that you can access on your desktop or laptop (wherever you want to run StratPad Cloud).

5. Send the email.

6. From the desktop or laptop where you’re running StratPad Cloud open the email that you sent yourself.

7. Save the attached file to your drive (the file ends in .stratfile).

8. Sign into StratPad Cloud.

9. Click the StratFiles button (top right corner of the window).

10. Click the “Import” button.

11. If you’ve imported this file before, you can either create another copy of the StratFile OR overwrite it. If you DO NOT want to create another copy, in other words, if you want to COPY OVER another version of this StratFile then check the “Overwrite any existing StratFile” option.

12. Click the “Select Files…” button and choose the .stratfile that you saved to your drive in step 7.

13. As soon as you select the file, StratPad Cloud will attempt to import it. The progress meter may show its progress; you’ll either get a “Success!” message or another message if it encountered an issue (such as a duplicate StratFile).

14. Click “Done” to close the window. If you were successful you’ll see the StratFile appear in your StratFiles list (click the “StratFiles” button to see this list).