How to copy a StratFile from Cloud to iPad

You can copy a StratFile from your iPad app to StratPad Cloud, work on it there, and then copy it back to your iPad.

You must have StratPad Premium or Platinum to do this. If you have StratPad Free or Plus, upgrade using the Extras button inside StratPad/iPad.

These instructions assume that you have already signed up to StratPad Cloud.

How to copy a StratFile from StratPad Cloud to the StratPad iPad app

1. From StratPad Cloud select the StratFile you want to send to the iPad (click the StratFiles button at the top right and then click on the desired StratFile).

2. Click the “Share” button at the top right corner.

3. Click the “Export StratFile” button. StratPad Cloud will save the StratFile in your browser’s “download” folder. The file will have the extension “.stratfile”.

4. Email this file to an email address that is accessible on your iPad.

5. From your iPad open the email that you sent yourself in step 4.

6. Tap and hold the StratFile icon that appears at the bottom of the email. One or more icons will show. Tap the StratPad icon where you want your StratFile to go.

7. StratPad will open and either a) simply copy the StratFile in OR b) if the file already exists, you’ll see a window with options. Tap one of the buttons.

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  1. David Haynes

    I’m assuming that this is a temporary process and your plan is to create a more typical way to sync files between applications and share with collaborators.

    Am I missing an easier way to find answers to questions that have already been asked?

    1. aglassey

      Hi David and thanks for your question. You’re correct. This is the first of three ways that we plan to support sharing. Next up: full multi-user coming in few weeks.
      – Alex

  2. Michael Zanetti

    When I attempt to “Open In” on the iPad, Stratpad does not appear as an option. I have a number of applications that appear instead. I have read that the iPad caps the number of potential apps at 10. Any suggestions?


  3. Alan Foster


    i have been able to copy a file from ipad to cloud but when i make changes and try and share back again nothing happens with the file, i am able to go into the sample files and download no problem – is there something i am missing

    using safari


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