Get Your Sample StratFiles Here

Many StratPad Cloud users didn’t have the sample StratFiles available when they first logged in. If you’re one of those people, this page will help you import a sample StratFile.

1. Choose a sample StratFile from the list below and click on the link to save the StratFile onto your hard drive. You may have to Right-Mouse Click/Control+Click and then choose the option to save the link.  It will save as a .stratfile.  Remember where you save it.

2. Sign into StratPad Cloud.

3. Click the StratFiles button (top right corner of the window).

4. Click the “Import” button.

5. SKIP to step 6 if you’ve never imported this file before.

If you’ve imported this file before, you can either create another copy of the StratFile OR overwrite it. If you DO NOT want to create another copy, in other words, if you want to COPY OVER another version of this StratFile then check the “Overwrite any existing StratFile” option.

6. Click the “Select Files…”(“Browse”, if you’re using Windows) button and choose the .stratfile that you saved to your drive in step 1.

7. As soon as you select the file, StratPad Cloud will attempt to import it. The progress meter may show its progress; you’ll either get a “Success!” message or another message if it encountered an issue (such as a duplicate StratFile).

8. Click “Done” to close the window. If you were successful you’ll see the StratFile appear in your StratFiles list (click the “StratFiles” button to see this list).

Here are the three StratFiles:

Acme Software Technologies Inc. is a young software company. They intend to complete the development on their first product (DocLock) and start their sales and marketing efforts.

Beta Metal Designs is an established firm serving a regional market in upstate New York. They now want to expand their service offereings and customer base while improving their internal processes.

Gamma Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that offers general management advice to businesses. They’ve recently decided that narrowing their focus will help them differentiate themselves from their competition.

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