StratPad’s free videos tackle tough financial statements

The #1 problem identified by entrepreneurs in our recent StratPad survey: understanding financial statements. That’s why we’ve created a series of free videos that explain the income statement, balance sheet and statements of cash flows and how they fit together. Available on our web site, “Financial Statements Made Easy” consists of 12 short videos (most under 3 minutes), narrated by StratPad CEO Alex Glassey. The series is also available as a free course on Udemy and posted on YouTube.

Accounting software giant Intuit sponsored a study earlier this year that found 83% of Canadian small business owners could not pass a basic financial test. The study concluded that the single biggest reason for small business failure is a lack of financial literacy skills. Small business owners who participated in the study said they recognized the importance of financial management, but needed more tools to help them.

StratPad’s strategy and business planning app was recognized for its contribution to improving financial literacy at Startup Canada’s Bridging the Financial Literacy Gap event. StratPad won both the Financial Literacy Startup Award sponsored by Intuit Canada and the People’s Choice Award in March 2013.

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  1. Hector Pancardo

    It would be too much to ask to put the videos in Spanish?

    1. aglassey

      Hi Hector,
      We would love to translate all the videos into all the languages of our customers although it’s a huge undertaking. In the meantime, we’ve transcribed all the videos and made it easy to translate them: the text of each video is on each video page AND we’ve added a translate button at the top right corner. I hope this helps.

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