Enterprise Social Networks Part 1 of 3: The Problem with Email

I’m so used to using email to manage a project that I forget how inefficient and insufficient it is for so many things. Loughborough University’s Dr. Tom Jackson suggests that email inefficiency could cost as much as £10,000 per employee per year. That’s US$16,000. Per employee. Per year.

You’ll probably recognize these problems:

– Messages aren’t consistently sent to all members of the project team; some people forget to “Reply All” while others do this inappropriately.

– Each member of the team files and organizes their emails differently (or not at all); everyone has a different view of the project.

– Documents and emails are spread across multiple mailboxes and perhaps even multiple devices; project data is at risk of not being appropriately secured and backed up.

– Anybody joining the team after the fact needs somebody to bring them up to speed by sharing their emails and documents with them.

And, of course, these issues are compounded with multiple projects.

There’s got to be a better way, right?