Enterprise Social Networks, Part 3 of 3: Embedded, Invisible

By now I’m sure I’ve convinced you that there are significant benefits to enterprise social networks. However, it still takes an effort to learn and break old email-centric habits.

Unless it’s embedded inside the product that you’re already using.

Microsoft knows this. They intend to integrate their products directly with Yammer. Imagine working on a Word document, sharing it with your team, and being able to see their feedback – and respond to it – without having to leave the Word document itself.

Here’s an example that’s closer to home: imagine working on your strategic planning document in StratPad. You want to share the Strategy Map with your senior management group, the financial reports with your finance department, and the project plan with your operations team. Three groups of people and three separate discussions to manage: you can do this with email but it’s a chore. You can do this inside Yammer and it’s much easier. Or you can do everything from inside StratPad with virtually no effort at all.

Rather than me describing it, take a look at this short video. You’ll see exactly how you’ll communicate with your team from inside StratPad and how StratPad/Yammer keep everything organized, instantly and automatically.

Is email dead? Not yet and not for a long time. But embedding enterprise social networks inside apps can beautifully replace some of your current email burden.