How to share a StratPad business plan in real-time

StratPad will release its multi-user functionality next weekend in beta.

This new feature allows you collaborate on any StratPad plan in real-time. You can share with anybody who has a StratPad account and who has available room in the number of StratFiles they’re allowed.

StratPad Multi-User

This feature is fast and flexible. It supports these uses:

– You and your management team can now work on your plan together.

– An accountant/consultant/mentor can work collaboratively with their client.

– A CEO can share their plan and the “Track Your Progress” section with their board on a read-only basis (they can see everything but can’t change anything).

– A CEO can have department heads entering weekly and monthly information in the “Track Your Progress” section while keeping the sensitive financial information private.

– Students can share their plan with their team AND their instructor. In fact, this is a great way for an instructor to review and mark a business planning assignment.

Sharing is easy.

Simply choose the plan you’d like to share and then click on the “Share Resources” icon in the top menu.

More stuff about sharing:

– You can share a plan with as many people as you wish.

– Each person who is invited to a plan will have to accept the invitation.

– Accepting an invitation will count against the plans allowed under that person’s account (i.e. Startup/Student have one plan; Business can have up to 5 plans; Unlimited can have, well, an unlimited number of plans).

– You can change a person’s access priviledges to your plan or revoke their access to your plan instantly at any time.