Affiliate Network

You can earn up to $89 per sale of StratPad simply by referring your audience to our software

What is the StratPad Affiliate Network Program?

The StratPad Affiliates Program allows you to make extra money by referring users to our software. For every user you send our way that makes a purchase, you’ll earn 50% of the sale.

Simply put, StratPad is the best business planning software out there. Our award-winning software is used by entrepreneurs in 127 countries. That’s a marketplace of MILLIONS.  It’s cloud-based so it runs on any computer, laptop and tablet.

  • Average sale price of $84
  • 50% commission on every sale
  • Millions of potential users – startups, small businesses, consultants, coaches, educators, accelerators, students
  • No minimum monthly sales requirement

How do I get started? Getting started is easy.

Click here to apply to become a StratPad Affiliate. Once you’ve been approved, choose which marketing materials you’d like to use from the list provided on the Avangate page. We host the images, so just copy the link associated with the image you’d like to post directly into your WordPress site and away you go.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll get a custom link that you can then use on your website, in your emails or any other way you can think of. When customers click this link, it reports back to us and lets us know which of our affiliates made the sale. At the end of the month we’ll tally all the sales, and you’ll get paid.

What is StratPad?

StratPad is business planning software. We’ve taken the concept of business planning out of the boardrooms and put it where it belongs: with small businesses. Other business planning companies are geared towards larger businesses, or use outmoded methods, like having users fill out blank templates.

StratPad asks all the right questions instead. It asks you about your business, and helps you think critically about your business from the ground up. Once you’ve answered the questions, StratPad takes all the information you’ve given and creates a usable summary business plan, complete with fully integrated financial statements, a Gantt chart and a strategy map.

At the end of the day, there’s no commitment to sell and no monthly minimum. You’ll be selling a great product and making 50% off of each sale. Period.

Click here and apply to become a StratPad Affiliate today!

Important tip for creating affiliate links:

  1. Go into your Avangate affiliate profile, to the “Get links” section
  2. Click on “StratPad: Business Yearly Subscription”
  3. In the “Link Type” drop-down menu, choose “Checkout”
  4. Generate your links

This will send the user directly to the checkout for StratPad: Business edition, which retails for $USD99