60-second checklist: Will your team succeed?

Summer’s quiet days are perfect for reviewing things. So take a minute now and score your team’s progress out of ten. Then make any adjustments you need and finish off the year with a bang!

Give yourself one point for each statement you fully agree with:

  1. Our company’s overall value proposition is unique.
  2. Everyone in our company understands our value proposition. Everyoneunderstands what makes it unique.
  3. Our company has a well-articulated strategy that sets out our medium-term direction and that governs our decision-making.
  4. Everyone in our company knows our strategy and understands it.
  5. Our business plan is based on our strategy.
  6. In addition to telling us “what” we’re going to do, our business plan fully considers the details of “how” we’re going to get it done. Specifically, it discusses the processes, technology, staff and budgets that are required.
  7. Each of our projects has identified a single person who is clearly responsible for the project’s success and who has all of the necessary authority and resources to make it happen.
  8. Not only does every person in our company know our strategy, each of them understands how their job directly supports our strategy.
  9. We meet at least once a month to review our progress towards our goals.
  10. I am confident that our company will achieve its overall strategic goal.

How did you do?

• 8-10: Congratulations! You’ll likely nail it this year because you’re doing so many things right.

• 5-7: Well done! You’re doing some things really well; make a small improvement here or there and your likelihood of succeeding will be even higher.

• 3-4: Nice start! It’s great that you’re working on this; by learning a bit more about strategic business planning, you’ll notice some big improvements – and you’ll likely do things better than your competitors.

• 0-2: Yikes! Sounds like you’re flying by the seat of your pants. You may wish to read this.


Originally published August 5, 2014