Easy-as-pie business intelligence

Tell your story.

StratBoard is the business intelligence addition to StratPad. StratBoard records the actual values of any metric (KPI) you’ve created in StratPad and then graphs them along with targets and trendlines. StratBoard prints and emails reports as high-resolution PDFs.

See StratBoard in action: play the video on the right.

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Chart your progress.

Bring all your KPIs together on a single screen. Sales performance, production numbers, customer satisfaction: track any and all metrics that let you keep your finger on the pulse of your company.

Because a strong pulse is a good pulse.

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A little tap here. A little tap there.

Tap a chart to change its title or graph type.
Tap again to add a trendline and show the goal.
Tap, tap. Change the color, add some comments.

So simple. So easy.

So powerful.

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Share your success.

Success is a powerful thing when shared. And StratBoard makes sharing easy with gorgeous charts that are instantly created, emailed and printed. You can also use Yammer to discuss and share charts with your team.

For example, the 2-column StratCard (shown at left) brings your metrics and your comments together in one vivid, high-impact report. Perfect for sending to your banker, investors and other partners.

Congratulations on looking so good!

Get the most powerful management tool ever designed for a mobile device. Now even more powerful with integrated business intelligence.

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