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Video demo ▶
Video demo ▶
Price (US$ or equivalent)$0.00$9.99$34.99$54.99
(Includes StratBoard so you save $10.00.)
We recommend this edition for:• Students• Startups• Small business owners• Management teams
• Consultants
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Number of business plans (StratFiles) you can create11Unlimited.Unlimited.
View all 9 reports on screen.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.
Print and email reports.Yes.Yes.Yes.
Share reports with your Yammer networks and groups.Yes.Yes.Yes.
• Export your business plan to Word (.docx)
• Attach your color logo to reports
• Export financial information to spreadsheets
• Email business plan file to colleagues and clients
Upgrade any time from inside the app without losing your work.Yes.Yes.
StratBoard: full-color business intelligence add-in. Video demo ▶Yes, as an in-app purchase for 39.99.Yes, as an in-app purchase for $29.99.Yes, as an in-app purchase for $29.99.Included.
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Every edition of StratPad includes (see the video ▶):
• a 58 page easy-to-understand strategy and business planning tutorial

• a summary business plan
• two (2) simple month-by-month financial projection reports
• a project plan report
• five (5) other essential reports
• three (3) sample strategic business plans
• the ability to print and email all reports as high-resolution PDFs (in-app purchase required for Free)
• free on-demand training videos
• free live email support
• free upgrade path to StratPad Cloud (our browser version)

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