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Enter your perspectives, themes, objectives, measures and activities. Instantly see your Strategy Map and eight other reports. Record your progress with charts and graphs.


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★★★★★ The world's highest-rated balanced scorecard app.

We believe that…

…strategy is the most powerful tool available to business people. And we believe that Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard is the most elegant way to think through it.

The Balanced Scorecard is a formal method of monitoring organizational performance through a mix of financial and non-financial values and their associated targets. This “performance management” approach emerged in the 19th century, was developed throughout the 20th century, and then popularized in the 1990′s in published articles and books by Kaplan and Norton and others.

StratPad faithfully follows the Balanced Scorecard approach:
- an overall “Strategy Statement” gives focus to the overall organization
- “Themes” logically group objectives and activities that support the Strategy Statement
– each objective can have one or more “measures” (or metrics or key performance indicators [KPIs]) each with its own target value and target date
- each theme’s objectives are divided among four key “Perspectives”

StratPad creates a series of reports, including a Strategy Map, to help management illustrate and execute their strategy. Reports can be viewed on screen with a single touch, emailed as high-resolution PDFs, or printed right from your iPad. You can also use Yammer to discuss and share reports with your team.

StratPad encourages management to track their progress towards their goals by recording and graphing actual values in StratBoard.

Put the world’s highest-rated balanced scorecard app on your iPad now.

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